Manage data

OrbisGIS offers features to manipulate data.

Manage tables

To display the layer’s attributes, select it in the TOC (or in the Geocatalog) and make a right-click –> “Open attributes” ( Open attributes icon ).

A new tab appears in the UI with all the attributes.

Open attributes table


  • On the top, the table name is displayed (in the illustration below “COMMUNE”) with the number of (selected) objects,
  • There is a dynamic link between a row in the table and the object displayed in the map. So, if you select a row in the table and make a right-click, you can zoom on the selection using the “Zoom to selection” tool ( Zoom to selection tool ),
  • Primary key is identified with a specific icon ( Primary key icon ),
  • Numeric fields are aligned on the right. Other types of field (string, boolean, …) are aligned on the left.

Operation on rows

With a right-click on a row, the user can access to several options:

  • Filter selected rows ( Filter selection icon ) (non-selected lines will be hidden),
  • Create a datasource from the selection ( Create Datasource from selection icon ): export the selection into a new layer,
  • Unselect ( Unselection icon ),
  • Zoom to selection ( Zoom to selection tool ),
  • Reverse the selection ( Reverse selection icon ),
  • Select rows with the same value: search all the lines that has the same value in the selected field ( Selection same rows icon ).

Operation on a column

With a right-click on a column (field), the user can access to several options:

  • Sort ascending ( Sort ascending icon ) / descending ( Sort ascending icon ),
  • Unsort ( Unsort icon ),
  • Show column information ( Information icon ),
  • Show statistics (only for numeric fields) ( Statistics icon ).

Search engine

In the lower part of the window, there is a search engine that can be used in two ways:

  • “Find” mode: enter a value, optionnaly choose a field and specify options,
  • “SQL” mode: just write an SQL instruction and press the “Execute” ( Execute SQL instruction icon ) icon.