Source code

OrbisGIS is a free and open-source GIS software, released under the GPL v3 licence. You can access to the source code on the dedicated GitHub repository.

Developers are cordially invited to contribute to OrbisGIS, posting:

  • Issues: detect a bug, ask for enhancement ? Create an issue on GitHub,
  • Pull Request (PR): want to contribute ? Please submit your PR and we will analyze it carefully.

Tools for developers

The following two “Continuous Integration” tools are used to build, control and deploy OrbisGIS source code:

Releases & Snapshot

  • Releases and pre-releases versions can be found HERE
  • Daily snapshot release (for test purpose) is provided via:

Wiki documentation

Below are some useful links for developers, that are mainly provided on the wiki page of the OrbisGIS GitHub repository.

Additional informations

  • Made by a team from CNRS
  • Registered date : 22/12/2007
  • Langage of development : 100% Java
  • Licence : GPL v3
  • Supported OS : Linux, Windows and Mac OS
  • Installation requirement : at least Java 7